Microsoft Office Training

Research shows that the majority of Microsoft Officeusers  utilize only 10% of the features within the Office programs. Targeted training can close the knowledge gaps and increase the productivity of your workforce. 

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is about data management, reporting and automating calculations through formulas. Make sense out of mass data with PivotTables, extract just what you are looking for with Filters, create charts to visually depict data.  Challenge: take a look at each ribbon and look at each of group of tools and see how many you don’t know but might benefit from knowing and using.

Microsoft Outlook

Outlook is much more than email. It is a powerful productivity tool filled with features to organize your InboxOrganize meetings, track responses using the Calendar. Keep track of your ‘To Dos’ using the Tasks feature. You can even perform a lite weight project management with the Tasks feature by assigning tasks to others and monitor task progress through completion. Create a database of your business and personal contacts using the Contacts feature. You can even import your LinkedIn contacts. Export Contacts to an Excel spreadsheet and import from an Excel spreadsheet. Exporting comes in handy when you want to perform a Word mail merge from your contacts.

Each productivity tool within Outlook is multi-faceted. Stop surface use and dive deep to learn more.

Outlook Power Tip: Convert an email to a Task with a right-click. The end result of the following steps will move the email out of your Inbox and onto your Task list. The email will be accessible from within the created task.

  1. Right-click the email
  2. Choose Move
  3. Choose Tasks

Microsoft PowerPoint

Connect your audience to your message with each slide. Master the features within to deliver a presentation that your audience will long remember. It’s easy and tempting to create only bullet list slides. That’s what happens when you don’t know the features in PowerPoint.

NOTE: A custom course in Effective Slide Design is available. The prerequisite is a basic knowledge of creating and editing PowerPoint slides.  Contact us today for more information.

PowerPoint Power Tips: quickly turn a bullet list into a SmartArt visual. Right-click inside the list and choose SmartArt. You will find several choices from the List category. Think visual when creating your slides. The purpose of slides are to connect your audience to your message. Think about when you are in the audience and you see a slide with a bullet list. What do you do? What we all do – read the slide, which results in an audience disconnecting from the speaker.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft has greatly improved it’s Office products. The enhancements and additions of features is all about productivity and design. Unfortunately, it is human nature to stay in one’s comfort zone and never reach out to learn the new features that can literally save hours a day. For example, the Styles feature provides one-click formatting. Styles contain multiple formats. You can modify to your liking and/or create your own. Another time-saving feature is Quick Parts. How many times do you use the same paragraphs, signatures, images, tables, cover pages, etc.? You can build libraries of content using Quick Parts and have them available to any document that your create!

Documents also need to be designed for efficiency and security.

Did you know that you can open a PDF file into Word? You can insert video clips. The features are to many to list here.

Word Power Tip: Select non-adjacent blocks of text using the Ctrl key. This is great when you need to copy several paragraphs that are not sequential. For example, you need to select paragraph one, three and five. Do as follows:

  1. Select the first block of text.
  2. Hold down the Ctrl key as you select the remaining non-adjacent paragraphs.

More Microsoft Training Options

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