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Microsoft Excel 2016 Onsite Training – Level 2
Session Dates: March 17, 18

Microsoft Excel 2016 Training
Learn about Functions, Lists, Tables, PivotTables, and Charts

Session start and end times: 10AM EST – 1PM EST (9:00 AM – Noon CST)
Breaks each session: 15 minute “refresh your mind” break.

Training is instructor-led and hands-on. Seating is limited to 15 students for optimal learning.

Target Student
This course is designed for students who already have foundational knowledge and skills in Excel 2016 (and lower versions), who wish to begin learning higher-level functionality in Excel to analyze, report and present data.

Course Objectives

About your textbook
The cost of your textbook includes a physical textbook, a digital version, and the practice files for the course. When you place your order, Logical Operations will send an email of confirmation, along with an access code and instructions on how to set up your account, which contains the digital workbook and the practice files. It’s all very easy.

Special Note: if you want to receive the physical book in time for the first session, place your order 8 business days before the first session.

Registration and Cost Details
The cost also includes a free two-hour bonus session on Formulas, which will be scheduled in April.

Total Cost: $141.21 (excludes textbook shipping charges)
Note: $22.21 of your cost is your textbook. The cost of includes both a digital and physical version or your book.
Textbooks are ordered by the student using the order link below. Books are published by Logical Operations. They are excellent.

Book Options
Order Physical book (also includes a digital version). Cost is $22.21
Textbook Order Link. Shipping charges do apply.

Digital only (NO shipping charges apply). Your license allows you to print the digital book one time for your physical reference. The cost is $21.10.
Textbook Digital Version only. Digital Book Order Link.

Pay for the class ($119.00) using the Buy Now button below
. After payment a class registration/access link will be sent to you.

Class registration closes on March 14. Reserve your seat today. Upon registration, the amount of $119.00 will be due. After payment, you will receive a link to the event.

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