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How To Insert a YouTube Video into PowerPoint 2010

PowerPoint 2010 makes it easy to insert a YouTube video

Adding applicable video to your PowerPoint presentations is a powerful way to engage and connect your audience to key points. Video can be a great start and/or ending to a presentation.

The next time you are tasked with creating a presentation, think about using video. While video can be a great power start or power ending, it can also go somewhere in the middle too.  Think applicable and strategic when placing video in your presentation.  

There are many videos on YouTube and I suggest that you search YouTube’s mass library for an applicable video for your topic. However, it doesn’t have to be a YouTube but more about that later in this article.

The ability to add YouTube videos within PowerPoint has existed for a few versions now, but the newest version – PowerPoint 2010 has made it a much easier task. Let’s get started learning the PowerPoint 2010 steps and then I will close with a few presentation tips relative to using video.

First things first!

One of the first things you will need is the embed code from the YouTube video. Don’t worry, it is easy! Follow the steps below or if you prefer you can watch my YouTube video instead. I have provided a link to the video below under “watch the instructions.”

instead. Be sure to double-click the screenshot for a larger view.


  1. Open the YouTube video you want to copy the embed code from.
  2. Click the option Use Old Embed Code (Note: I chose this option because the new code did not operate in my PowerPoint slide show).
  3. Copy the embed code that appears in the box above the options.
  4. Return to PowerPoint and insert a slide for your YouTube movie.
  5. Click the Insert tab on the Ribbon and follow by clicking the down arrow on Movie from the Media group.
  6. Click Video from web site (a box will appear).
  7. Paste the embed code into the box.
  8. Click Insert to complete the insertion of your video.

A black box will appear on your slide, which represents the placeholder for your YouTube video. The dimensions of the placeholder determine the viewing area of the video when you place your presentation in Show mode. You can easily resize the box by clicking and dragging or if you prefer use the Size group located on the Format ribbon to change the width and height.

It’s show time – click the Slide Show icon to view your movie!

Parting tips

Using video in PowerPoint doesn’t have to be a YouTube. Get creative and create you own videos. You can use something as simple as the video recorder on your smartphone, a flip camera, whatever you have available. 

Get creative! Go out in within your company and video employees. Use those videos in your next employee awards ceremonies. Here’s another idea, if you are working on a customer service presentation, think about filming your customer service department doing their job well. In addition, consider a humorous YouTube video about customer service as a fun way to get people thinking.  Get creative with video and think of ways that you can create and include your own videos in your PowerPoint presentations.

Watch the instructions via my YouTube video

If you are like me, you prefer to listen, watch and where possible hands-on too! Sit back and watch my video on how to embed a YouTube video in your next PowerPoint presentation. It’s much more interesting than reading the step-by-step!

NOTE: If you cannot access YouTube from work, copy the link I have provided and paste it into an email and send to your personal email. You can also use your smartphone to view the video. Here’s the link just in case:, otherwise, just click below and watch the video right here from my page.

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Donna Gilliland is the Founder of MOSTraining, Inc. She is a certified and award-winning instructor. Donna provides training and consulting in Office and Social technologies. When Donna isn't teaching she is writing about what she teaches - she is a writer for OfficePro magazine.
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